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Social Media and The Veterinarian

Today's veterinary clients are online whenever they have a question, need, or desire. Researching a vet is no different. Do cats need a dental? My dog has a lump and needs to be seen asap. I want my vet to let me schedule appointments or order prescription refills online. With social media, many prospective clients [...]

By | May 9th, 2015|Accounting for Veterinarians, Uncategorized|0 Comments

Are you in control of your cash flow?

What is your cash position right now? What do you expect your cash position to be in six months? If you can answer these questions, then you are way ahead of most small business owners. Many have no idea what their cash position is, besides a rough estimate of their bank balance.  In fact, 90% of [...]

Is money floating away from your business?

While we never want to believe that fraud can happen in our business, unfortunately we don't always have the mechanisms in place to prevent temptation, or even honest mistakes. Most embezzlers starts small, with unnoticeable amounts that wouldn't cover the coffee fund, with good intentions of paying it back. But once it starts and is [...]

To lease or to buy…that is the question

When I recently asked a business owner why he decided to lease instead of buy a piece of equipment, I got a blank look and an "I don't know, it just sounded right" response. While gut feel can play a necessary part in decision-making, some underlying guidelines could be helpful when your gut is on [...]