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Got goals…for tax planning?

Tax planning is a term batted around frequently but unless you understand your goals for tax planning, it will be difficult to take the appropriate step in the right direction. Let's be clear here. This is not about tax evasion (which is illegal). This is not about avoiding paying your fair share to live in [...]

Is money floating away from your business?

While we never want to believe that fraud can happen in our business, unfortunately we don't always have the mechanisms in place to prevent temptation, or even honest mistakes. Most embezzlers starts small, with unnoticeable amounts that wouldn't cover the coffee fund, with good intentions of paying it back. But once it starts and is [...]

What are add-on apps? A few of my favorites

While accounting software forms the backbone of your financial system, add-on applications are part of an ecosystem of applications that can integrate with this software. Each application serves a specific need. Instead of purchasing a large enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and tailoring it according to their unique business model, small businesses can now use [...]

Still chained to the desk at night?

Then welcome to cloud accounting! While cloud accounting has been around for a while, I have met countless people recently that have no idea what it really is. So here are the basics. And if it doesn't excite you (as it does me!), at least you've learned your one new thing for the day! What [...]