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Is money floating away from your business?

While we never want to believe that fraud can happen in our business, unfortunately we don't always have the mechanisms in place to prevent temptation, or even honest mistakes. Most embezzlers starts small, with unnoticeable amounts that wouldn't cover the coffee fund, with good intentions of paying it back. But once it starts and is [...]

To lease or to buy…that is the question

When I recently asked a business owner why he decided to lease instead of buy a piece of equipment, I got a blank look and an "I don't know, it just sounded right" response. While gut feel can play a necessary part in decision-making, some underlying guidelines could be helpful when your gut is on [...]

Are you accounting for leases correctly?

Accounting for leases may sound a bit like a CPA being a stickler for detail, but proper accounting for leases can impact the financial books as well as have tax implications. In general, the difference between an operating and a capital lease in terms of these effects are the following: Higher debt with a capital [...]

How do YOU define productivity?

There are many different ways to measure productivity, with each providing a different lens with which to view your business. For a veterinary practice, for example, you could measure charges, patient visits, and procedures, to name a few. But with each measurement, it is important to view them not independently, but as they relate to [...]